Bless Your World with Holy Water - Daily!

And Pray that His Peace Enters Your World!


Spiritual protection is a herculean task. During this decreasingly religious era protect your family and dwellings. While researching Holy Water this statement by St. Theresa of Avila, doctorate of the Church, convinced me to create the Founts, “I have often found …there is nothing from which the devils fly more quickly and return not again than from Holy Water. They also fly from a Cross-, but they return again immediately.” Home and Pocket Founts make using Holy Water easy and discreet.


Our family uses the Founts. We keep Home Founts in bedrooms and entrances while each member carries a Pocket Fount. We now wish to make the easy use of Holy Water available to faithful believers.


Holy Water benefits tell what St. Padre Pio and St.Theresa of Avila have declared about  Holy Water. Most telling is the prayer for blessings our priests use to create this sacramental.


The Pocket & Home Founts dispensers are refillable, mobile, shatter resistant and evaporation proof.


Each kit includes (1) Home and (2) Pocket Founts. The Home Fount has 4 oz. capacity and is made of aluminum. The Pocket Fount is small and holds .17oz. Order your kit for only $9.79 - includes shipping within the U.S.


Note: Your parish provides the Holy Water free!

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